Brenda Maitland


An LSU journalism graduate, Brenda Maitland, has been writing about cuisine for Country Roads for more than 15 years. She has also served as wine columnist for Gambit Weekly for the past dozen years.  

Her pieces on food, wine, spirits and travel have been published in national, regional and local periodicals including Home by Design, Times-Picayune, Gulf Coast Wine & Dine, New Orleans Magazine, Louisiana Cookin', TravelHost New Orleans and Culinary Concierge.  

A French Quarter resident, Brenda is an international wine, spirits and cuisine judge.  She was a founder of the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience and continues to serve the organization in program development. In addition, she is a board member of the Museum of the American Cocktail. Observing and studying food wine, spirits and travel are not just assignments, but constitute a lifestyle for Brenda and her husband, Tim McNally, who travel the world in search of the best epicurean experiences.


Photos by Brenda Maitland.

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At Annunciation—which opened in July—collaborative efforts between principals, managers, designers, craftsmen, cooks and service staff have yielded the rewards of a packed-house nearly every night in the popular Warehouse District’s newest ... more

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Photo by Brenda Maitland

Hotel Monteleone’s Criollo offers yet another only-in-the-Quarter dining experience. Even though it only recently opened, Criollo, the Spanish name for “Creole,” has become a gatekeeper of the traditions and the diverse flavors and cuisines... more

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