Fest Fest

The Krewe of Red Beans comes to the crowd-sourcing rescue, again


Zachary Nelson

During a normal festival season, the average Joe or Josephine like you and me could only dream of hosting one of the New Orleans greats on our front porch. Imagine it: Kermit Ruffins, or the Lost Bayou Ramblers, or Cha Wa groovin’ right there in your yard, just for you and your friends. 

As we watch our much-anticipated fall festival season dissipate for a second year, the Krewe of Red Beans has once again stepped up to creatively foster a way to financially support local musicians who have lost their gigs—while also keeping the NOLA festival season spirit alive. 

Through the nonprofit’s latest initiative Fest Fest, Louisiana residents can donate to a fund that will be used to re-hire local musicians originally slated to play at Jazz Fest, Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, and French Quarter Fest. Every time enough money is raised to book a band, a winner will be randomly selected from the pool of donors for a private porch or backyard pop up concert in Orleans Parish or Lafayette Paris. 

To donate, and enter the raffle, visit festfest.org

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