Foster a Uke

Arts For All’s newest program invites music novices to take home a ukulele for a month

Hannah Busing

Picture yourself, settled in the crook of a big St. Francisville oak, strumming lazily away and filling the thick Louisiana air with the mellow notes of the uke. In a town known for sweet little eccentricities, such a dream is never too far away. 

Thanks to a gift from the Bank of St. Francisville, the nonprofit organization Arts for All was recently able to purchase fifteen ukuleles for its summer Songbird Music Camps. At the suggestion of musician and educator David Hinson, the organization decided to share the fine instruments—and the gift of music—with the larger community. Enter: the Foster a Ukulele Program. 

The concept is simple. Each little uke has a name—homages to ukulele players the world over like Tiny Tim, Bonnie, Lucille, Don Ho, Blue Hawaii, and more—and anyone can apply to foster the instrument for a month at a time. Keep an ear out Felicianians; it won’t be long until the whole town is strumming away. 

Ukulele teacher Kat Carlson will offer a beginner’s class during the Yellow Leaf Arts Festival on October 30–31, followed by a ukulele jam session. 

Those interested in fostering an instrument may reach out to Lynn Wood at

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