On the Cover: Childhood Wonder

Cover image by Kimberly Meadowlark


Kimberly Meadowlark

The Performing Arts Issue

In Kristen Foster’s feature story describing her experience working with the new LPB original children’s educational program Ziggy’s Arts Adventure, she writes: “Growing up, when adults asked me that quintessential question, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I’d answer, with a youthful lack of hesitation:

 ‘A puppeteer.’” 

Foster’s story illustrates the enduring wonder of the performing arts, their power to inspire and innovate—even in adulthood. In this 2021 Performing Arts issue, we find ourselves documenting a pivotal moment in our local performing arts landscape. Faced with yet another season of cancellations, postponements, and moves to virtual—how are our performing arts organizations pivoting, coping, enduring? And what roles might we, the audience, play in ensuring that these institutions succeed? 

Read the rest of the issue, here. 

P.S. Read more about our fabulous cover photographer, Kimberly Meadowlark, in this story from our February 2021 issue.  

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