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• The deadline for event inclusion in Country Roads magazine's monthly Calendar of Events always falls on the 10th of the month preceding that in which the event falls (so July 10 for August events; August 10 for September, and so on). Please let us know what events your organization has scheduled so our readers can plan to attend and enjoy. We want to be as thorough as possible when describing your event, so please include as many event details as possible, along with the time, exact location and address, cost, and contact information.

• A picture's worth a thousand words: In addition to a press release, we love to receive hi-res photos that capture the spirit of your event, to highlight in the calendar. We have found that images in .tif or .jpg format, at least 300dpi and 6" x 4" in size look best in our publication. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the format or size of your images.

• Did you miss the deadline? Send your event details along anyway for consideration in our online calendar! 

• Publicity materials and photos are best submitted by email to

• You can also submit your event listings directly here. (User-submitted listings are subject to editorial approval and will be formatted to match our house style).

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