Wendy Wilson Billiot

Apple snails eat the vegetation until there is no more; then, with a lung that enables them to breathe out of the water, they move onto dry ground to continue feeding. more

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Swallow Tailed Hawk

John James Audubon

St. Francisville's Audubon Pilgrimage places more emphasis on the pioneering artist/naturalist and the environment that inspired him more


What's good for the goose is good for the gander ... but not the neighborhoods more

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Saltwater Pool

Lucie Monk Carter

Lounge next to a gleaming saltwater pool or make cultural outings along Bayou Teche more


Reports of strange Louisiana showers more


Louisiana’s whooping crane population finds surprising new habitat, but still struggles to thrive more

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Lake Charles, Louisiana

Photo by Lucie Monk Carter

Golden days in Southwest Louisiana more



Photo by Lucie Monk Carter

A 440-acre sanctuary in the heart of Baton Rouge more

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Photo by Brad M. Glorioso

He's loud and looking for the ladies more

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Photo by Charles Fox-Smith

Even as the craze for backyard chickens spreads, no one wants the roosters more

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"Room to Roam" by Ed Smith more

Visual & Performing Arts


Photo by Keith Benoist

A photograph by Keith Benoist more

Relics Photo Project

How to attract winter birds to your feeder more

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Photo by C.C. Lockwood

An excerpt from C.C. Lockwood's latest more

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In Honey Island Swamp, two sportsmen made a controversial discovery more

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John Hartgerink

Birds of a feather may flock together, but they don’t always look the same more

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Photo by Erik Johnson

Invisibility is a life-saving adaptation … until it isn’t more

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Photo courtesy of the National Park Service

Kisatchie’s thirty-one miles of wild azaleas and forest canopies more

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In defense of the squabbling scavenger more

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Hibernation in its many states is not exclusive to bears, or to cold weather. more

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