Chris Battaglia

Scientists in the Mississippi Delta are fighting to save the roseau cane, all while scientists elsewhere struggle to eradicate it. Read more

Knowing Nature


Brian Maass

Your [Shreveport] Guide to Self-Improvement in 2019 Read more



Julien Fontenot

In celebrating our natural world last August, we unwittingly fell into Mother Nature's seductive trap. Read more

Knowing Nature


Brian Pavlich

Heaps to celebrate in 2018—and we couldn't have done it without you Read more

Supper Club


Courtesy of Elifin Realty

Two unusual bursts of mobility this month Read more

Outdoor Adventures


Kourtney Zimmerman

Paddling through the eerie beauty of the Amite River Read more

Outdoor Adventures


Lucie Monk Carter

“In Heaven, every bite has mushroom in it.” Read more



Wendy Wilson Billiot

Apple snails eat the vegetation until there is no more; then, with a lung that enables them to breathe out of the water, they move onto dry ground to continue feeding. Read more

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Photo courtesy Maison Madeleine

A historic French Creole-style house on one of the state’s most spectacular nesting grounds for visiting waterbirds Read more

Supper Club


Lucie Monk Carter

Finding a second, third, or thirtieth purpose for salvaged objects Read more

Visual & Performing Arts

In Louisiana, the microorganisms that populate the coast help make it one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet Read more

Knowing Nature

How our state must change to survive Read more

Knowing Nature


by Mike Redaelli

"The Natural World," by Mike Redaelli Read more

Visual & Performing Arts


By Mcevan (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Fearsome appearance, fragile existence Read more

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Photo by Frank McMains

From fertile earth to open water Read more

Knowing Nature

Louisiana’s whooping crane population finds surprising new habitat, but still struggles to thrive Read more

Knowing Nature

Baton Rouge Green has released a mobile app to help explore and understand the city's trees Read more

Knowing Nature


A photo by Frank McMains

A picture's worth a thousand worries Read more

Relics Photo Project

Dead Cypress

Photo by Chris Staudinger

Scientists are fertilizing wetlands with treated sewage Read more

Knowing Nature