Photo by Alexandra Kennon

In New Orleans' thriving burlesque scene, nudity is just a detail more

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Photo by James Ewing

Ebb & Flow reimagines the festival more

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Zydeco Dancing at Cafe des Amis

Photo by Lucie Monk Carter

Dance is an exercise in cooperation more

A selection of our favorite (and least conventional) gifts, services, and destinations, lovingly selected by our editors to put the passion back into gift giving. more


Photo by Aaron Hogan of Eye Wander Photography

The intersection between fitness and creativity more

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Photo by Frank McMains.

Of Moving Color's asks thirteen non-dancers to collaborate on its April performance, You Tell Me more

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Photo by Frank McMains

Partner dancing in Acadiana more

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The fall performing arts roundup from directors and decision makers more

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Photo by Nalini Raghavan

Of Moving Colors tells the timeless teenage love story through dance more

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Photo by Ruth Laney

John Sharp is documenting the dancehalls of South Louisiana more



Photo by Brei Olivier

A church of the arts grows by leaps and bounds more

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Baton Rougean Justin Rayna is like one of those unbelievably talented students in FAME—his collection of talents and interests, in other words, is diverse enough to make a casting director cry—with joy. Let's start with music: he plays drum... more

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Photo courtesy of the Baton Rouge River Center

In overseeing a Cirque du Soleil show, Fabrice Lemire must conduct his own balancing act. more

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Dancing at Magnolia Cafe

Photo by Jill Moore

On a Friday night, chances are there’ll be plenty of little people whirling on the dance floor. more

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Mankind unleashed the power of the grape 5,000 years ago and has been looking for the perfect place to enjoy the libations of Dionysus ever since—preferably someplace off the beaten path, away from prying eyes where excessive frivolity w... more

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Photo by Sam Irwin

 A Dance, A Dip, A Deux: Having a ball in the ballroom more

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