James Fox-Smith


English-born, Australian-raised, James has been publisher of Country Roads magazine since 1995. He lives in rural West Feliciana parish north of St. Francisville with his wife, Ashley, two children, and a fluctuating number of dogs, cats and chickens. (Photo by Jenn Ocken photography)

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David Gans

How to make a roomful of middle-aged Australians behave like sentimental fifteen-year-olds more

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Billy Solitario, Mia Kaplan, and Demond Matsuo more

Art of Food

Where land and water meet, Billy Solitario paints what’s above and what’s below with equal passion more

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The small but enlightened club of fanatics lovingly nurturing pots of fermenting sourdough starter in the back of their fridges more



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Crowd-sourced folk remedies for the itchy red monster more

Knowing Nature


William Warby

And other homespun remedies more

Knowing Nature

Bernita “Neno” Doiga painted the world she wanted to see more

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Lucie Monk Carter

US Bicycle Route 90 is a project to identify an official route to guide long-distance cyclists riding the Southern Tier Bicycle Route more

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In case of emergency, clutch your taxidermied piranha more


All year long we’re inviting everyone who has ever opened a copy of Country Roads to share their story with us. more

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Carol Hallock paints, and paddles, on Bayou Lacombe more

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“I saw the minutest detail and beauty that was everywhere. Once I did learn to speak, the bigger problem became, what do you say?” more

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via Wikimedia Commons user K.Tapdıqova

If the thought of a large, in-ground swimming pool out the back of a modest farmhouse miles from anywhere seems incongruous, the fact that it leaks probably is not. more

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“But I felt like we were missing the stories of the people ... that special breed of people who do this for a living and survive off these unique Louisiana resources.” more

Knowing Nature 1 Comments


Photo by Sarah Hackenberg

Rich with symbolism and the talismans of addicts’ experiences more

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You have to wonder how many of them were declared by people just looking for a way to make it to March more

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Courtesy of Duvall Decker Architects

Contemporary architects reveal favorite recent projects more

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John Slaughter

Slaughter embraces new technology to make his photographs as striking as his subject matter more

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Bill Lang for

At Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge, fall fires are just what the doctor ordered more

Knowing Nature

How have we kept a mag in print for thirty-five years? And how are we celebrating? more

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