Lucile Bayon Hume


USDA photo by Stephen Ausmus

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Noah Elhardt

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Patrick Ewing

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John Slaughter

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C. C. Lockwood

The pale wisp of a plant called ghost plant, ghost pipe, death plant, corpse plant, and other apt aliases. Read more

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Wikimedia user NBonawitz

The cicada killer wasp uses horror movie tactics on its prey Read more

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sweet tea history.jpg

Lucie Monk Carter

Sweet tea wasn't always a given on Southern porches Read more


A peacock in the yard is worth two police on patrol Read more

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By Mcevan (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Fearsome appearance, fragile existence Read more

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Illustration by David Norwood

The Grim Reaper guides the human race in many guises Read more


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Blood-sucking creatures cross the border, as costume inspiration for the trendsetting child Read more

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