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Melissa Mcinnis

Shop Small, Shop Here, Shop Local more

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Paul Kieu

Living on the Prairie Des Femmes, Ashlee Michot embraces her cultural heritage as a French Creole and as a woman in Acadiana. more

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Christie Matherne Hall

Inside the high-stakes, irreverent culture of bourré more

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Recent local literature to share with your loved ones more



Courtesy of Elifin Realty

Two unusual bursts of mobility this month more

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Cheryl Gerber

Mariz Longoria’s collections make her uptown New Orleans house an unexpected pleasure more

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Paul Kieu

Bringing together tips and experiences from my own fond memories and those of friends, family, and Mardi Gras long-timers, we hope to show people from all over the state—hell, all over the world—how to come be a part of our grande fête in Mamou. more

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Nicole Franzen for Design Hotels

Historic places to rest your head in New Orleans more



Courtesy of Visit Lake Charles

A quirky old school turned art gallery and museum houses an incredible collection of costumes, artifacts and cultural heritage chronicling the history of Louisiana’s second largest Mardi Gras celebration more

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"I only Avoyelles for you!" more

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Bigfoot, a.k.a. Sasquatch, is not confined to the Pacific Northwest. He has been reported on every continent except Antarctica, and some believe he is right here in Louisiana. more



Brei Olivier

Chef Phillip Lopez interprets the works of artist Jacqueline Bishop more

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Lucie Monk Carter

Lawson’s beaded piano Temptation is currently in residence at Cocha Restaurant in Baton Rouge. It’s been on the move for twenty years. more

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Baton Rouge Pride now available in sock form. more

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Photo by Taylor Matherne.

Mid City Baton Rouge's cultural transformation more

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Photo by Flickr user Stephen Woods

Publisher James Fox-Smith reflects on the importance of buying local, the deceivingly instant gratification of online shopping, and how one can ascertain a life-sized bigfoot statue. more

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Photo by James Ewing

Ebb & Flow reimagines the festival more

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Camping in the Atchafalaya Basin

Photo by C.C. Lockwood

If you plan to camp in the 
Basin, best pack your hammock more

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The last resident to leave the river community known as Atchafalaya was a beekeeper more

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John Avery McIlhenny and Theodore Roosevelt

Courtesy: TABASCO Co. archives.

A new exhibit documents the long friendship between Theodore Roosevelt and John Avery McIlhenny more