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Little Fang Photos

Southern Rep's new space has a sacred past Read more

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Lucie Monk Carter

This spring, Baton Rouge will celebrate its creative community with six weeks of Ebb and Flow Festival, incorporating Forum 35's juried art exhibit Art Flow. Read more

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Steven Harris

Operatic soprano Lisette Oropesa is returning to Louisiana State University for a special Masterworks Performance this month. Read more

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Courtesy of Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre

From theater to arena, Baton Rouge Ballet explores new possibilities with The Nutcracker Read more

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Lindsey Caro

The showman with his name in the lights on Canal Street and throughout the South Read more

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Generosity enables new initiatives at three local institutions Read more


Lorenzo Gaudenzi

You don’t need opera glasses to appreciate Keith Tremblay’s fabulous set design Read more

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Courtesy Adelle Gautier

An actress, storyteller, and educator, Gautier regales and delights with her animated renditions of African, Caribbean and African-American lore Read more

Supper Club

When my number was called, I staggered into my spot, fell to my knees, located a primal corner of my being, and let loose. Read more



Paul Kieu

A place for Acadiana to move, create, and collaborate Read more

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Courtesy Jillian Hall

Puppetry and folklore are a perfect fit for The Revelers’ new music video Read more

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If Baton Rouge Community College was ever just a bridge between high school and the four-year university of a young student’s dreams, that’s certainly not the case now. Read more

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Lucie Monk Carter

Celebrating the best of Baton Rouge—they just happen to be women Read more

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Courtesy of Ed Asner

The award-winning actor brings his one-man show to New Orleans Read more

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Lucie Monk Carter

Conducted between 2013 and 2017, the Baton Rouge Folklife Survey revealed what Maida Owens knew in her heart: rather than lacking an identity, Baton Rouge is a "cultural microcosm" of Louisiana. Read more

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Courtesy New Orleans Opera Guild

Behind the iron fence stands a statue of Madame Butterfly; a plaque declares that you’ve arrived at the Opera Guild Home. Read more



© 2016 Dennis Allain

With help from Post Architects and HMS Architects of New Orleans, the venue will cater to Baton Rouge patrons and performers alike Read more

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Photo by Alexandra Kennon

In New Orleans' thriving burlesque scene, nudity is just a detail Read more

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Stan Carpenter

In “All Y’all,” Southerners shape their personal narratives Read more

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Brei Olivier

Beyoncé, The Beguiled, Birdfoot Festival, and the arts incubator that connects them. Read more