Where land and water meet, Billy Solitario paints what’s above and what’s below with equal passion more

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Carol Hallock paints, and paddles, on Bayou Lacombe more

Outdoor Adventures

“I saw the minutest detail and beauty that was everywhere. Once I did learn to speak, the bigger problem became, what do you say?” more

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Photo by Sarah Hackenberg

Rich with symbolism and the talismans of addicts’ experiences more

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Bishop_World View.jpg

Jacqueline Bishop and Arthur Roger Gallery

Jacqueline Bishop's work conveys the creeping dread she feels as the landscapes upon which we depend yield to human pressure. more

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How does artist Lola Beltran capture the spirit of a time and a place she's never visited? She listens to the music. more

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perspectives james michalopoulos nare tarry.jpg

Painting by James Michalopoulos

James Michalopoulos paints a barely restrained New Orleans more

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Fortunate One

Kevin Duffy

Ed Smith's work represents the idea of wild things retreating into ever smaller spaces as the pressures of human activity reach more deeply into their worlds more

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John Scott, courtesy of the Arthur Roger Gallery

Exploring the different ways Louisiana artists go about expressing place more

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