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Joseph Baustian, The Nature Conservancy.

The organizations working hard to help Louisiana do an about-face more

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A closer look at the voracious nutria more

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Lucie Monk Carter

A small group of volunteers makes a big impact for West Feliciana animals more

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Wendy Wilson Billiot

Apple snails eat the vegetation until there is no more; then, with a lung that enables them to breathe out of the water, they move onto dry ground to continue feeding. more

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Alexandra Kennon

Performing yoga with goats at Paradigm Gardens in New Orleans more

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Wendy Wilson Billiot

Deep in the piney woods of Folsom, Louisiana, at the end of a well-worn dirt road, lies a ten-acre animal rescue sanctuary called Big Sky Ranch. more

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Photo courtesy Maison Madeleine

A historic French Creole-style house on one of the state’s most spectacular nesting grounds for visiting waterbirds more

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Cheryl Gerber

Keeping bees is easier than you think more

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Wendy Wilson Billiot

Regarding the eagle’s moral character, Ben Franklin was wrong more

Knowing Nature

Bigfoot, a.k.a. Sasquatch, is not confined to the Pacific Northwest. He has been reported on every continent except Antarctica, and some believe he is right here in Louisiana. more


John Slaughter

Exploring the origins of Louisiana's top dog more

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Photo by Jill Benton Glass

After twenty years of brightening the grounds of Butler Greenwood with his plumage and personality, Humphrey the peacock has flown the coop. more

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A peacock in the yard is worth two police on patrol more

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Learn to listen for various species around Baton Rouge more

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Brent Wallace

A Stroka Gene-us Alpacas makes their cold-weather creatures commercially viable. more

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What's good for the goose is good for the gander ... but not the neighborhoods more

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Paul Kieu

Deer urine that delivers more

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Blue Crab

Photo by Wendy Wilson Billiot

More than meets the mouth more

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All photos by Lucie Monk Carter

Local farmers come early to set up their booths, lining their fold-out tables with homegrown produce in vivid hues. more


Reports of strange Louisiana showers more