An accidental career as a TV host more

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James Fox-Smith

Would you rather eat Camembert or play with a puppy? more

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Trevor Bexon

Still starry-eyed after 35 years more

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David Gans

How to make a roomful of middle-aged Australians behave like sentimental fifteen-year-olds more

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The small but enlightened club of fanatics lovingly nurturing pots of fermenting sourdough starter in the back of their fridges more



William Warby

And other homespun remedies more

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In case of emergency, clutch your taxidermied piranha more


All year long we’re inviting everyone who has ever opened a copy of Country Roads to share their story with us. more

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via Wikimedia Commons user K.Tapdıqova

If the thought of a large, in-ground swimming pool out the back of a modest farmhouse miles from anywhere seems incongruous, the fact that it leaks probably is not. more

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You have to wonder how many of them were declared by people just looking for a way to make it to March more

House & Home

How have we kept a mag in print for thirty-five years? And how are we celebrating? more

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Andrea Matherne

The St. Francisville series that served as inspiration for Country Roads Supper Club more

Supper Club

On patriotism and paperwork. more

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lucie monk carter

I've written about all sorts of experiences from my weird-but wonderful-life as a stranger in rural Louisiana—ghosts, oversexed chickens, learning to dance, driving on the wrong side of the road. But I have never before written about politics. more

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Flickr user Y2kcrazyjoker4 via Wikimedia Commons

On annoying one's parents through song more

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Scott Bauer, USDA

An unpleasant incident in a new Volkswagen inspires thought, insurance claims more

Knowing Nature

Musings from the department of biting off more than we can chew. more



Photo by Flickr user Stephen Woods

Publisher James Fox-Smith reflects on the importance of buying local, the deceivingly instant gratification of online shopping, and how one can ascertain a life-sized bigfoot statue. more

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Photo by Brian Baiamonte

You're either born with it, or you're not more

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Alan Vernon via Flickr

In the right hands, fear of bears can be a powerful motivational tool. more

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