September 2017


Lucie Monk Carter

Conducted between 2013 and 2017, the Baton Rouge Folklife Survey revealed what Maida Owens knew in her heart: rather than lacking an identity, Baton Rouge is a "cultural microcosm" of Louisiana. Read more

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© 2016 Dennis Allain

With help from Post Architects and HMS Architects of New Orleans, the venue will cater to Baton Rouge patrons and performers alike Read more

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Courtesy of Michael Schulze

In an authentic Mississippi juke joint, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes minds his legacy Read more

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Photo by Alexandra Kennon

In New Orleans' thriving burlesque scene, nudity is just a detail Read more

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Lakeview and Gentilly draw diners and chefs from throughout New Orleans—and beyond Read more



Lucie Monk Carter

Redefining what Baton Rouge will try Read more



Lucie Monk Carter

Lawson’s beaded piano Temptation is currently in residence at Cocha Restaurant in Baton Rouge. It’s been on the move for twenty years. Read more

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How the drum set was born in turn-of-the-century New Orleans Read more

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Lucie Monk Carter

In their three gone-in-a-flash hours at Knock Knock, they had climbed, danced, painted, crafted, constructed, tinkered, sorted, measured, counted, and engaged in all sorts of pretend play and open-ended goodness. Read more

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Stan Carpenter

In “All Y’all,” Southerners shape their personal narratives Read more

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Brei Olivier

Beyoncé, The Beguiled, Birdfoot Festival, and the arts incubator that connects them. Read more



“Ibis Invasion.” 2017, Oil on canvas, 19” x 32”. Peg Usner.

It takes a certain fortitude to be a plein air painter in Louisiana Read more

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New poems from Dr. Jack Bedell Read more



Photo by Lucie Monk Carter

The beaded piano and its artist have traveled more than most Read more

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Photo by Philip Gould. Courtesy of the Hilliard Museum.

An exhibit of the creative ways local instruments makers go about their craft Read more

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Flickr user Y2kcrazyjoker4 via Wikimedia Commons

On annoying one's parents through song Read more

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Local arts organizations hit big birthdays Read more

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Jeff Nelson, Stormwarning Photography via Flickr

Louisiana's original constitution was written in a bar and largely copied from other sources. Read more



Cheryl Gerber

How, exactly, do we keep a river and lake out of New Orleans’ infamous soupbowl? Read more

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