Spuddy's Andouille, Sausage & Chicken Gumbo

A Cajun dish that is simultaneously West African, French, Choctaw, and yes, German



25 (or 12 hungry Cajuns) ×

1 Spoonful Beef base or chicken base


4 lb. Cut Okra

3 lb. Onions

4 Bell Peppers

Garlic (optional)

Celery (optional)

1 lb. Lard

1 Cup Flour (or a little more to get the thickness of paste)

4 lbs. Chicken Thigh Meat

Spuddy's Andouille (or a second best)

Spuddy's Smoked Sausage (or a second best)

1 lb. Chicken Necks

1 lb. Chicken Wings

2 lbs. Smoked Turkey Necks

1 lb. Chicken Gizzards (optional)

Main Dish

Louisiana cuisine