Anna Macedo


Courtesy of Jan Beauboeuf

The works of artist Jan Beauboeuf prove that you can go home again, with excellent results Read more

Visual & Performing Arts

Designosaurs—Before Photoshop, before email, graphic designers somehow managed to do without. At a party not long ago, I was approached by a young board member of the local Advertising Federation, who asked me if I might like to speak at n... Read more

Visual & Performing Arts


Photo by Anna Macedo

 There’s an old proverb which suggests that a person hasn’t lived a full life unless he has built a house, grown a garden and raised a family. I’d add “made a Sock Monkey” to that list. Read more

Visual & Performing Arts


Photo by Kim Ashford

One thing I know about serious artists is that we each need a good place to work. Read more

Visual & Performing Arts


Photo by Jill Moore

Animal Farm: A merry ménagerie in Wilkinson County Read more

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